First post: Get to know the blog

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first post on “Worldish”.

First of all, I’m not going to introduce myself because this is going to be an anonymous blog. Here’s why: this blog’s subject is, as its name suggests, the world. But there are plenty of things to talk – or write, in this case – about the world, right? Yes, that’s right. However, my purpose is to discuss the worlwide problems. Why is the world turning into this mad place? Why is the progress we think we made pushing us backwards? I can’t answer these and many other questions by my own as it is a subject that concerns – or should! – all of us.

So, why am I writing this blog if I can´t find those answers? As I just explained, we are all in this together. We all live in this world, and there’s still a lot to do until scientists figure out how to take us in a spaceship to another planet that is similar to the one we call “home”.

Well, my idea is to post about a problem or a cause and give my own opinion, but also that you, readers, comment yours. Your opinions, your suggestions, what concerns you!

Last but not least, what will I exactly write about? As I said, there’s plenty to write about this, but here are some of the subjects I’ll discuss:

  • Abandonment and ill-treatment of animals
  • Child exploitation
  • Cultural discrimination
  • Extinction of animals
  • Gender equality
  • Issues in education
  • Refugees
  • Terrorism 

And many others…

I’m not saying that a blog can change the world. I know that it is not enough. But I do believe it might help. Words have more power than we might think.

Until the next post!


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