Is feminism really a new version of male chauvinism?

Yesterday I decided to show my parents a video on Ted Talks about feminism. As I am a young woman I thought there was an important message there. What’s more, as a feminist – yes, I assume – I HAD to show them the video.

At first they didn’t say anything, they just watched it. Until my father decided to say something… “She’s overreacting, that’s not our reality.” So, she might be Nigerian, and we all know that some things considered culture in that country are shocking, but many of the issues she talked about ARE OUR REALITY.

However, the fact that he didn’t realize this wasn’t the thing that made me, well, angry. As you might guess, it led to a long debate between us all along the video. The moment I lost my calm was when he said “So feminism is the same as male chauvinism”.

I knew he was wrong but I decided to wait for the end of the video and actually go on the dictionary to search the meaning of both words.




These are the meanings of “male chauvinism” and “feminism” according to the Oxford Dictionary. As you can see, there’s a major difference between these two. While male chauvinism is all about the superiority of men in every single category, feminism is about EQUALITY, both genders being equally treated and having the same rights and the same opportunities.

My father does support women’s rights but this was his problem, and many other men and also women’s problem. Just like him, many people don’t know the meaning of the word “feminism”. They see it as a bad word, as a “women who hate men” movement, when it should be seen as a both women and men movement – yes, men can and they should be feminists too.


No more words needed.


We need to change our mindset if we want to change our reality.


If you’re interested in watching the video I saw click the link down below:

“We should all be feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie




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